Designed for everyone from beginners to advanced gym goers

We’ve all experienced the wanting to sign up to that class moment, the hesitation wondering what if everyone else is fitter than me, what if I can’t do the exercise, what if my shorts rip, what if……

Well what better way is there to discover how great something is and realise our brains are wired to be complete bleeeeps sometimes thinking the worst, than a single class with no commitment and a low cost.

You might also discover that everyone is here to push each other on and everyone else is scared their shorts might rip (including us). Just book, turn up, love it and take the next step.

Every Monday and Wednesday at 8am in October

£5 Introduction To Circuits class.

Click the button,choose the date that suits you and get ready to ignite your fitness routine.


Each class is unique. Studio OneThreeOne instructors will guide you through a full body workout, combining cardio,strength and mobilisation exercises.


Studio HIIT- Mondays 08:00, Wednesdays 08:00 (max 10 people)

Give yourself that endorphin boost. You’ll have more energy and feel fresher, and come christmas you’ll look the dogs at the parties.

Do something nice for yourself and click below to book your space and don’t forget spaces are strictly limited so book now.


Don’t have a think about it there are a limited number of spaces and it’s popular!!


Only 1 Introduction to Circuits class per person 😁

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