I’m Andy Jones, the owner and head Personal Trainer at Studio OneThreeOne Fitness and I have over 16 years experience of working within the fitness and health industry.

I’m extremely passionate about health and fitness with a diverse range of fitness and personal training skills.

As a business we are extremely passionate about the human body and the effect that movement can have on it, this leads us to have a keen focus on how movement can have an important role in physical development and rehabilitation.

Over the years we have been fortunate enough to have worked with a variety of rehabilitation clients, including cancer patients (pre and post treatment), pre and post joint replacement operations and spinal injuries.

Over the years we have worked with such a wide range of clients and been fortunate to have also worked with athletes ranging from commonwealth swimmers, county cricketers to recreational golfers.

Secrets to our success

Andy’s Philosophy:

As a Personal Trainer it is very important for me to stay highly motivated to keep improving my skill base as this enables me to lead and inspire clients in to achieving the best that they can achieve. I have a list of success stories that make me proud to do my job.

Andy’s qualifications and experience

After completing his BSc in Sports Science Andy continued to further his development becoming one of the top Personal Trainers at Virgin Active, he then went on to work at an independent fitness studio before realising his dream by opening Studio OneThreeOne.

With all of these experiences we have discovered the effect full body movement training using all 3 planes of motion can have on the body is invaluable. It is not only these clients that can benefit from this style of training, clients wishing to tone, bulk or trim down have discovered that the benefits are unbeatable.

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