Andy has insuppressible drive and passion for fitness and helping people to achieve their goals.

He opened Studio OneThreeOne in 2016 after many years of working in corporate big chain gyms and out of other studios.

Andy always had a dream to own his own studio but he knew it wouldn’t be easy! Fast forward through 22 years in the fitness industry and his vision has become a reality.  Drawing on all his experience and hard work allows Andy to guide you through your fitness journey.

The natural 3D movement patterns of the human body form the basis of Andy’s exercise programme designs. His deep understanding of the way the human body moves from joint to joint and how the muscles react to these movements means that he can guide you to your goals faster. At the same time training feels relaxed and nothing like you’d expect.

Andy’s specific skill set has allowed him to help many clients over the years recover from injury, operations, and illness. He has also helped 100’s of clients struggling with daily movement and mobility issues. Andy guides his clients from being unconfident exposing themselves to situations that would feel normal to many of us, to rediscovering the freedom of movement again whilst experiencing less discomfort and pain.

Combine all of this with his friendly, understanding persona and determination to improve your health and wellbeing means he will take you all the way in your journey. 

Your journey starts here with Andy, let him get you to your destination. 

“Seeing the joy on a clients face when they reach their goal, whether its a change in body shape or finding uncomfortable movement less restrictive, is why I love being a personal trainer.”

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