Countdown to Christmas Training Offer

23 Nov

This offer has been amazing in the lead up to Christmas and all the people that joined us had great results and enjoyed every minute.

Contact us for more information about future offers and other services that we offer.

Christmas is just around the corner and we’ve got an amazing offer! Sign up for 3 semi private training sessions per week and get nutritional guidance as well as a bespoke training programme.

Normally costs £177.50 but we are now offering for just £60.

Sound interesting? Call us today


2 thoughts on “Countdown to Christmas Training Offer

    1. Hi Gem

      Thank you very much for getting in touch regarding the countdown to Christmas offer we have running.

      It has proven to very popular and a great success,unfortunatley that offer has ended now but we will have other services that will fit your needs.

      We will drop you an email by the end of the day.

      Thank you

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