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13 May

Are you looking to make a change in your life? Are you looking for some fun? or are you looking for new fitness classes?

Fitness Classes in Digbeth

Whatever your reason for arriving on this post you’re in the right place! At Studio OneThreeOne Fitness we offer a wide range of fitness classes from our studio in Digbeth, the centre of culture in Birmingham city centre.

Whether alone or with friends, man or woman, we offer fitness classes for everyone and what’s more we do it at a reasonable price. Take a look at our gallery and you can see what’s on offer in our Studio.

We have a wide range of equipment and plenty of space for circuit training. We invite new people, especially new comers to fitness to come and try our classes to see if it fits the bill. Not only can we offer a comfortable place to work out and get fit with friends, or strangers we can also offer nutritional advice and basic training plans that you can do from home.

Some people love fitness classes and look forward to them, for others it feels like something you “should” be doing but if being honest will probably find them a bit of a chore. If you fall in to the latter category of people we will ensure you have fun whilst you get fit. Understanding you and your goals is key to us. We work with you to make sure you get the most out of any class.

Digbeth Fitness ClassesEvening Fitness Classes

We all have busy lives and for that reason we offer fitness classes at times that are convenient for you. For most people that means being available in the evening. Whether early evening straight from work or later on when you can meet with friends – we are available.

We are open until 9pm every night and whilst classes are available throughout the week if you are coming as a large group we can arrange a time convenient for you all to you.

For those who are looking for a longer term project we can carry out a free personal training consultation to get a greater understanding of your goals and motivations and we will produce a plan that help you achieve.


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