Our Methodology

21 May

What makes Studio OnethreeOne Fitness different?

At Studio OneThreeOne we know how to predict and produce every movement possible and then how to predict the consequences of these movements. Additionally we are able to predict how these motions will sequence bone by bone, joint by joint and muscle by muscle across the whole body.

This knowledge and experience enables us to build specific individual programmes determined by your goals and body movement patterns, also keeping it enjoyable and varied. You will also receive nutritional advice and guidance from the start of your journey.

When you join our studio, whether a fitness class, a gym member or a client for personal training we are on hand to offer help and advice to ensure:

  1. That you get the results you are looking for
  2. You avoid injury.

How do we know how to predict movements? Take a look at the experience of Andy, our lead trainer – here and you’ll see.

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