Personal Training Consultation

20 Jun

If you are considering working with a personal trainer then you must have a personal training consultation however whilst consultation sounds so clinical it’s not like that at all. It’s an opportunity to get to know your reasons behind looking for a personal trainer, and there are many.

Whatever your reason for looking in to the option of working with a personal trainer our consultation process allows us to easily (and painlessly) understand you and where you want to get to.

Here’s our personal training consultation process:

  1. Familiarity & Lifestyle – getting to know each other
  2. Motivations – why have you contacted us
  3. Objectives – what do you want to achieve
  4. Plan of action – how we achieve your objectives

Yes – there will be a few questions. Some that may be a little uncomfortable but it’s important that if you are to go forward that we, collectively draw a line in the sand and are open about and honest. These early stages form the basis of the plan.

How long does a personal training consultation take?

It’s a straight forward process that takes less than an hour

What happens after the consultation?

That’s up to you and your objectives, and how you feel following the first meeting. We can provide you with a short or long term plan for fitness or a complete plan for injury rehab.


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