One Body | Three Planes Of Movement | One Result

Our signature 12 week personal training programme is designed to lead you through your journey to reach your goal. We will work with you to tailor a bespoke training schedule that is built around your lifestyle, your body and your goals.

Over the 12 weeks you will discover how personal training should be experienced. Training should be fun, motivating and varied. When you work with a trainer that knows the intricacies of the body’s movements and how the muscles react to these movements you experience all the enjoyment and rewards that your hard work delivers.“

Each programme is designed with ONE body as its focus, YOURS, knowing that it moves through THREE planes of movement enables us to get the most out of training, delivering that ONE result you deserve.

The best part of being a personal trainer at Studio OneThreeOne is the joy our clients get from their results and the differences it makes to their day to day lives that they never expected.  

The pride you will feel of rather than averting your gaze or subconsciously looking the other way when you walk past a window or mirror that shows your reflection, you start taking a cheeky look in the mirror on the way to and from the shower. That cheeky look turns into a pose, you start being at the front in the group photo and you’ll love the way you feel in your clothes.

When you start training with the OneThreeOne method you realise you feel stronger and more stable in your day to day life. Day to day tasks become easier and you realise you’re not making the ‘noises’ to put your socks on, when picking stuff up from the floor or when you  sit down. Rather than asking someone to help do up the zip on your dress your able to it yourself.

When your greeted with a flight of stairs it doesn’t feel like you’ve just climbed Snowdon when you reach the top. Being active with the kids is a lot more enjoyable when you can keep going because you feel healthier and stronger.   

Those little aches that you’ve been noticing, you no longer notice. That back ache that you think is just part of getting older, isn’t!! That knee that has been giving you pain for ages is no longer the first thing you think about in the morning!

As part of our service we offer a free consultation session.  During which we will get to know each other and get to know more about you, your goals and what you love doing to stay active. This is a vital part of your journey as we can plan your bespoke training journey, built around your goals, lifestyle and training experience.

Our personal training packages are all paid for by direct debit. You can choose from either 8 (£360) or 12 (£480) sessions per month, with a 3 month minimum subscription.

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