We offer a total body and mind approach to rehabilitation, performance and health that identifies and addresses the key causes of the problem rather than merely dealing with the symptoms.

Ultimately our clients become happier, fitter and healthier individuals, often for the first time in years they are then able to use their new bodies and minds to really live their lives.

Injury Rehabilitation treats a range of conditions including:

  • Acute sports injuries
  • Mobility issues
  • Back pain
  • Strains, sprains, muscle, tendon and ligament repairs
  • Tendonitis
  • Hand injuries
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Foot or ankle dysfunction
  • surgery rehab

The One body, Three planes of movement, One result approach to rehabilitation is invaluable to help ensure you return to the activities you love and independence as quickly and as safely as possible. It can work for everyone including the very young and very old affected by sports injury, illness, injury or disability.

We are committed to providing the most up to date techniques and research for clients of all ages and skill levels. Although you may be injured, you can stay in shape. A personal, committed investment in healing is a strategy that will help you regain your life.

  • Increased quality and volume of sleep
  • More energy
  • More fun back in your life
  • Better relationship with your body
  • Better mindset for dealing with injury

Over the years we have been fortunate enough to have worked with a variety of rehabilitation clients, including cancer patients (pre, during and post treatment), pre and post joint replacement operations and spinal injuries.

Want to get Back in the Game?

  • Targeted exercises are used to help you return to pre-injury function.
  • Personalized exercise prescription is used to improve mobility restrictions.
  • Helps reduce susceptibility to further related injuries.
  • Preparation to avoid recurring injury episodes.
  • Helps achieve peak results.

Studio OneThreeOnes rehabilitation protocol is a safe, personalised approach that helps effectively treat pain and return to normal function. Our trainers provide care that is unsurpassed and unique to each individual patient. Our team approach includes close communication with all involved parties (referring physician, physiotherspist etc.) on the progress of each individual.

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