Why fitness is important

13 Mar

As fitness experts we speak to people everyday the importance of being fit and healthy & the effects it has not only on our bodies but our mental health and overall well being.

We speak to people all the time that want to make a change in their lives but don’t know where to start and for many of these people they listen to our advice and take it away until they are ready to take that step themselves.

We aren’t here to persuade people to start training; whether that is personal training, going to the gym or signing up for a class. We are here to highlight the benefits of increased activity and apply that to real life situations. We get the best results from clients when they relate and they are invested.

Here are a few examples where increased activity can help:

  1. Double your energy levels so you can keep up with kids, climb the stairs without getting out of breath or feel more alive and able to cope with the day to day.
  2. Eliminate aches, pains and resolve injuries so you can get out of bed and dressed in the mornings easier or not worry how long your going to be sat in the meeting for as it will be uncomfortable and painful.
  3. Lose weight and tone your muscles so you can finally achieve complete body confidence and go and out and buy that suit you’ve been wanting to buy, look forward to hitting the pool or sunbathing on your holidays or feel like the dogs bits walking through the office.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

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