• Stronger & Healthier Through Movement
    Stronger & Healthier Through Movement
    Studio OneThreeOne Is A Private Personal Training Studio In Digbeth, Birmingham. We Specialise In Helping Birmingham’s Busy Professions Create Strong, Fit & Healthy Bodies Through Our Unique Training Methods.
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Stronger & Healthier Through Movement

Welcome to Studio OneThreeOne Fitness

We are a private personal training studio in Digbeth, Birmingham.

We are a team of personal trainers and movement specialists committed to helping you develop a strong, fit & healthy body so you can look your best, feel your best and move pain free.

The truth is, most exercise programmes only work the body in one plane of motion with repetitive and routine movements: up & down; forwards & backwards and push & pull…

We know the human body isn’t designed to only move that way, so we’ve used our years of training and expertise in human movement to create a unique training system that trains your body in all three planes of motion.

By utilising this unique approach, we can help you become fitter, faster and stronger far more efficiently than traditional exercise programmes while also helping you eliminate injuries and move pain free.

What we offer

The OneThreeOne Method Personal Training Programme

Our signature 12 week personal training programme is designed to lead you through your journey to reach your goal. We will work with you to tailor a bespoke training schedule that is built around your lifestyle, your body and your goals.

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Injury Recovery Programmes

We offer a total body and mind approach to rehabilitation, performance and health that identifies and addresses the key causes of the problem rather than merely dealing with the symptoms.

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Easy Opening Hours

At Studio131fitness we appreciate that everyone is different. Our work lives are different and more importantly our family and personal lives are different.This is why we make our studio available when you need it.We’re open from 7.30 am to 9pm

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Why Choose Studio OneThreeOne

Situated just minutes away from the Bullring and New Street station in the Custard Factory, Digbeth, we’re ideally located for Birmingham’s busy professionals. Founded in 2016 by Andy Jones, Studio OneThreeOne is an intimate, personable and private personal training studio. There’s no waiting around for equipment in busy and crowded public gyms.

What Can You Expect At Studio OneThreeOne?

By training in our private studio and following our unique training methods you can expect some or all the following benefits:

  • Varied, exciting and personalised personal training programmes to keep you motivated, engaged and continuously progressing towards your goals.
  • A friendly, welcoming and professional environment with trainers who are always available to support, encourage and guide you to achieving your goals
  • A flexible approach to take your unique preferences, body type and goals into account so we can train you in a way that works for you and makes the process enjoyable
  • A result-based approach with a trainer who invests as much effort and dedication into helping you achieve your goals as you do.


You can read about some of our past & present client results in the section below:

Success Stories

  • I’ve had 6 personal training sessions so far and am feeling the difference in my fitness and my belt! Each session is completely different and I have not done the same exercise twice. I never know what to expect and that keeps it interesting Michael Price

    Michael Price
  • Sessions offer much needed pain relief as well as other therapeutic benefits.  He is extremely knowledgeable, understanding, patient and flexible in tailoring sessions around immediate issues and key goals.  Andy has an holistic approach to PT, offering advice and programmes to achieve more long term overall benefits. Can’t thank him enough and am always referring […]

    Erika Goldman
  • Andy trained me pre-and post pregnancy and he was amazing! He really looked after me and was so skilled with his methods. If you’re looking for trainer that takes the time to understand your needs, works you hard and gets results then I would definitely recommend Andy. Along our journey we had some laughs to! […]

  • I lost my motivation to go to the gym and AJ really got me back to loving fitness and training again. Most fun I’ve ever had keeping fit, and staying fit! Helped with some old injuries I’ld picked up too. I feel better than ever. Thank you AJ. Andrew Bail

    Andrew Bail
  • Andy is a great PT his knowledge is great, he manages to motivate me and get the best out of the time I’m training, every time. I really thought I had all of Andy’s attention and focus.  Rob Masters

    Rob Masters

Take a look at our core training programme before booking your FREE consultation

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